Ana Brown

Ana Brown has a love for all things living, and has been able to find her muse in many animals small, big, land locked or airborne. 

Growing up in her father’s studio, watching him paint, and spending many a break hiking or driving to find that perfect picture and inspiration, she has developed an infatuation with this medium. This passion really ignited after giving a painting of a pet to a friend, and after that she was hooked. Painting occasionally with her father and brother now, she enjoys the time spent  continually learning and growing with them. 

Ana’s favorite thing to capture in her paintings is the animals eyes. “An animals eyes to me are what makes the creatures whole personality and speaks most to me.”  Using acrylic on board, she is able to make the animal jump to life and bring a feeling of warmth and intrigue in her work.

In the steps of her father, Gordon Brown and brother Andrew brown, Ana Brown is humbled to be represented by the Breckenridge Gallery and is excited for this new step in her life.

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