Brenda Fox


Brenda Fox
ARTIST STATEMENT I've been surrounded by images of famous paintings as far back as I can remember. Visits to art museums were an integral part of my childhood. As an adult I studied drawing at the Corcoran School of Art and then continued at the Washington Studio School. I love the process of making art-it engages my imagination and, hopefully, it engages that of the viewer later on. Much of my work is figurative, beginning with live models. But little of my work is particularly representative. I am not seeking to produce realistic depictions of people, places, or things. The subjects of a painting are merely the starting point as I begin to explore what is in front of me coupled with my subjective responses. With painting comes the sheer joy of experimentation-using line, color and shapes to invite interpretation, evoke an emotion or pique a curiosity. I delight in bold, bright colors and enjoy juxtaposing colors and color shapes. I am fascinated by how color can be used to create or diminish an illusion of space or volume. Painting is challenging and a particular work may take many months to complete. It is through the layers mark making and the seemingly never ending quest for a more perfect composition that a work finally emerges. It always amuses me to see how a painting shifts over time; how images appear, evolve and often disappear from the surface of the work. BIOGRAPHY After graduating from UCLA in 1966 with a BA in Political Science, I moved to Washington DC. Over the past fifty odd years I've worked for various members of Congress in the House and Senate, attended law school and enjoyed a fascinating and enjoyable career in communications law, especially the many years I served as a Vice President and General Counsel of the National Cable Television Association. In the mid-1990s I began spending my weekends studying drawing and painting. By 2001 I decided to retire from the practice of law and to focus on my art. Over the years I have studied at the Washington Studio School and have studio space at the school. My first solo exhibtion was held in 2004 in Breckenridge, Colorado. In the DC area my paintings have been exhibited at the National Women's Museum, the Artist's Museum, the Courtyard Gallery, the Orchard Gallery, the Broadway Gallery, the Art League at the Torpedo Factory, and the Washington Studio School. I have also exhibited at the Arthouse on Ingersoll in Des Moines, IA; the 75th Street Gallery in Kansas City; the Art Room in Eldorado, KS; at Function-An Art Environment in Decatur GA; the Aspen Fine Art Gallery in Aspen, CO; the Wildside Studio in Frisco, CO; the Lake Dillon Art Center in Dillon, CO; and the Appalachian Center for Craft in Smithville, TN. My most recent solo exhibit was at the Washington Studio School in 2014. And since 2005 my paintings have been in numerous exhibits at the Strecker Nelson West Gallery (formerly the Strecker-Nelson Gallery) in Manhattan, KS, including the year-end "Best in Show" exhibits.