Connie Johnson

Artist Statement

We all find unique and successful avenues to communicate; mine is painting. Watercolor has been my main media of focus. I also enjoy exploring oils and various print making techniques. My artwork, mainly representational; landscapes and interior scenes that surround me on an occurring basis. Experience and familiarlity are what trigger my subject matter. Living in the mountains of Colorado since 1984 has had a great influence on my work. Expanding on expression through contrast, color and shape continues to refine my techiques and statement. I am drawn to the effect of light on objects and scapes; how it bounces off leaves or a garden field, strikes lines across a blank wall creating drama or produces a beautiful, curious pattern of shapes on a snowfield. What rewards me so much as an artist is capturing the viewer and putting them in an exciting place both visually and mentally. All elements combined are what motivate me and challenges me on a constant basis.

PERSONAL: Born in Madision, Wisconsin in 1961. A resident of Breckenridge, Colorado since 1984.

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Science in Art, University of Madison, Wisconsin, graduating in the spring of 1984. Six month study abroad in England, including the Tate Art Gallery in London, 1982. Colorado Mountain College, studying plein-air painting and life drawing.

AWARDS: Bach, Beethoven and Breckenridge poster artist; 1989, 1992, and 1995. One of five artists to participate in the "150 Year Breckenridge Historical Celebration" and many donations to community fund raising: Summit School District, NRO, Breckenridge Film Festival and others.

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