Gary Hale


Gary Hale
GARY HALE Gary's experience as a young child of watching his father (an artist in his own right) turn a lifeless hunk of clay into a dynamic, crouching leopard in only minutes was transformative. It was a magical moment... he has been chasing that magic ever since... trying to breathe life into a lump of clay. Gary Hale's career spanning over three decades reflects his enduring involvement and fascination with the outdoor world. An avid falconer, birds of prey as well as other predators are his frequent subjects. "I believe that the foundation to the success of a work of art is established in its underlying abstract design. I strive to maintain a sense of freshness and spontaneity in my pieces while combining strong abstract compositions with a direct, unlabored style. Toward this end my work has continually evolved as I seek to uncover the basic spirit and beauty of the animal form." In 1999, Gary was elected to full professional membership in the National Sculpture Society. He has been a member of the international Society of Animal Artists since 1982 and has exhibited throughout the country in their annual juried shows. His work has been exhibited in both the Philbrook and Gilcrease Museums in his native Tulsa as well as the Smithsonian Institute's Conservation Center, the Allied Artist of America and Knickerbocker Artist of New York City and the Cleveland Museum of natural history among others. His rhino sculpture "White Thunder" was awarded the Gold Medal at the 77th Annual Allied Artist of America Show in New York City.