Jac Kephart


Jac Kephart
Jac Kephart My art is an accumulation of 50 years of artistic experiences, styles and experimentation. The work is primarily about the process of assimilating colors, metals and many types of different materials into a painting. I want my pieces to leave an impression of something interesting and beautiful that you can’t quite relate to. I want the viewer to see my work – the glint of colors, golds, coppers, and silvers and different materials without perceiving the definite shape of an object. I am not documenting subjects or making statements, I'm creating original creations and trying to make an emotional connection. I want the viewer to connect with their viewing experience and be happy when they look at my paintings. I'll paint for the rest of my life always searching for that one ultimate creation; art is a wonderful gift. In our society there is a fear of abstract art; its function is unknown. For an artist, abstract art is an inner process that continually appears and you become increasingly aware of its presence. It is like another sense or consciousness. Sometimes those viewing my paintings look for some representation of an object, much like trying to see the shape of a rabbit in cloud formations. Whatever they may see if purely of their own imagination. Due to the horizontal layout of some compositions, they may hint of landscapes but they are totally abstract. Corporate and Personal Collections Senator Tillman Bishop Congressman Gordon Allott Congressman Wayne Aspinall Exxon Oil Company Central Banks United Banks Estee Lauder Corporation Western Federal Savings and Loan Colorado State Capital Collection St. Mary's Hospital Veteran's Administration Hospital Snyder Oil Company Transco, Inc. Marathon Oil Company