Levi Larkin


Levi Larkin
Artist Bio Levi Larkin is a Multi-Media artist, based in Breckenridge Colorado. He grew up in a mining town in rural Colorado and spent his early years working in a coal mine, welding and fabricating components to help the mining operation. Levi is now using his knowledge of problem solving, and his skill in metal working, to create amazing innovative sculptures and paintings. Levi has been inspired by the industrial revolution, world travel and diverse cultures. He feels that travel forces you to open your eyes in difficult situations and in unpredictable ways. His super power is to figure out how things work and how to make it into art. He is an experimental artist creating contemporary pieces which are able to push the boundaries of the unexpected. Levi has said, “the hard thing for me is to try to explain my art in a way that speaks a specific meaning, I want my art to make you feel a range of emotions”Levi is a natural at many things and art is no exception, many are excited, hopeful, and honored to see what he comes up with next.