Malcolm Bryan


Malcolm Bryan
My goal as an artist is to produce work that appeals to the widest possible audience. I want to connect with every viewer of my paintings without regard for their level of interest in the visual arts. At this point, my work could be classified as naturalistic representational oil painting. However, most of my paintings contain elements of the classical and expressionistic approaches. I expect to continue to use those elements as appropriate to the concept and treatment of the subject. In many instances I push the color key and contrast of values as far as possible without going beyond the realm of believability. The operating compositional concept behind all of my paintings is to lead the viewer to the focal point by employing the following elements: - Directional shapes in the underlying abstract design - Use of a single light source to direct the eye's movement through the composition - Intense color in the focal point area It is not coincidental that these are some of the elements of the Dutch style of Chiaroscuro paintings of centuries past. The drama and mystery created by small areas of intense light set against vast darkness is the essence of the Dutch style. Utilizing these tools perfected long ago by the Dutch is the source of impact power in my small still-life paintings. The small scale and size of image further serves the purpose of impact even at a considerable distance. The materials and techniques I use are time-tested for durability and longevity. I strictly adhere to the "fat over lean" principle of paint buildup during the several stages of the painting process. A certain degree of creativity is exercised in each aspect of the overall process from conception to completion. As I continue to develop this series of paintings, a more noticeable sense of uniqueness will naturally occur. A small but striking glimpse of beauty, that is intense and believable, is what I seek to etch in the viewer's mind.